Anti Vibration Pads

Isolation Pads

  • Improved compression set and coefficient of friction
  • Excellent resistance to all coolants, cleaning agents and lubricants
  • Easily cut with a ribbon saw, keyhole saw or disk saw to the desired shape
  • All pad materials are RoHS certified

Wedgmount® Precision Levelers

  • Large, even surface ensures optimal support of the machine bed
  • Heavy loads of up to 100 t per Wedgmount® Precision leveler can be quickly aligned to within of 1/100 mm accuracy using little force
  • Guide bolts and leveling spindles are made of high-strength steels
  • Always remains a cohesive unit and never falls apart into single elements even when lifted.
  • All materials are RoHS certified

Jacmount® levelers

  • Possible to compensate ground unevenness of up to 4°
  • Easy and reliable connection between floor surface and machine.
  • All materials are RoHS certified